10 Transparent Animals You Have To See To Believe

The animal world is filled with astonishing creatures we often take for granted. In our everyday lives we glamour new technologies that help us achieve enormous feats, but we rarely compare ourselves with the vast animal kingdom. We even tend to be amazed at the scientific advances in the mutation of animals, but we don’t even acknowledge what is already there. For example you’ve probably heard about the scientific achievement of making a mouse transparent, but did you even know that there are dozens of creatures around us, which already are? Well, to fill you in, and with the hope to further amaze and astonish you, here are 10 transparent animals you have to see to believe that actually exist!

The Transparent Amphipod

Also known as Phronima, the transparent amphipod is one of the many strange species that have been found just recently on a deep-sea expedition in the North Atlantic. In an attempt to disappear from predators, this little shrimp-like creature has turned its skin completely transparent.

The Transparent Icefish

It’s not surprising that most of the transparent animals are found in water, having in mind their need for camouflage. The so-called crocodile icefish has taken this task to a level, where even its blood is transparant, because of the lack of hemoglobin. In order for their metabolism to function properly, the fish dissolves oxygen in the liquid blood and is also believed to directly absorb it through its skin from the water.