10 Times Stupidity Destroyed Our History

Most governments do their very best in order to preserve history from world’s long past. However, sometimes stupidity can get the best of people and we end losing a truly great monument to our lost cultures and societies. It is unfortunate when something like that happens, and we can only blame the dumb people who somehow managed to destroy something so significant in the world’s history. Accidents do happen, sure, but being careful is common sense. Here are ten instances where stupidity simply destroyed pieces of our history.

The Neolithic Tomb Picnic Table

Spain is loaded with various historical monuments, some of which are well over 100 years old. Unfortunately, builders within a Galician village mistook a Neolithic tomb for a picnic table, so they “repaired it.”

Burning Man

Israel has their own version of the Burning Man known as Midburn. The festival prides itself on leaving no trace once everything has come to a conclusion. Unfortunately, one of them ended up destroying a star-shaped structure atop a hilltop dating back 150,000 years.