10 Things You Never Knew About Orgasms

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Some people – especially guys – tend to believe they know everything there is to know about the orgasm all from firsthand experience. Well, those guys – and the occasional female – are completely wrong and in for a wonderful surprise. There is actually a lot more to know about the orgasms, from both males and females. For example, 30 percent of women have trouble even making it to an orgasm. This can generally be helped with some medication and therapy, though. Here are ten odd things you should know about orgasms.


As an individual grows older, orgasms tend to get far better in both frequency and their quality. That means young people have something to look forward to.

Curing Headaches

According to carefully done research and science, achieving an orgasms through masturbation or sex is a great cure for a headache.

Heroine-Like Effects

Within just men, both heroin and an orgasm tends to stimulate the very same area of the brain. You could be on both, who knows!

Feeling Similar

In both men and women, an orgasm actually feels about the same. This is because both the clitoris and the penis stem from the same type of tissue within a growing embryo.


In obese or overweight men who have a BMI larger than 30, sperm production is hindered to 2ml or less of ejaculation. The normal amount is 3.4ml.


Not every single orgasm you experience will be considered “earth-shattering.” In fact, some orgasms are generally pretty sweet and gentle, and some are just not that great.

Spicing Things Up

In women, spicing things up while in the bedroom with a partner is said to have drastic effects when it comes to attaining more frequent and powerful orgasms.


Those women who feel insecure while in a relationship are actually less like to attain an orgasm through any type of stimulation.

Spinal Cord

Men and women who suffer from spinal cord injuries are still capable of reaching an orgasm when the hypersensitive skin surrounding their previous injury is stimulated.

Condom Quality

There has long been a debate regarding using a condom or not. Well, research has revealed that using a condom does not affect the quality of an orgasm.