10 Terrifying Urban Legends Around The US

As children, most of us probably sat around a friend’s house and told scary urban legends in an effort to make someone pee their pants. Well, it worked on some people. We still think back to the days of terrifying tales — the stories of ghosts, abductions, killers, and monsters. At the time, we were all so sure that these stories were completely true, though we know better these days. Despite knowing better, some things still creep us out completely. Here are ten terrifying urban legends around the US.

The Suscan Screamer

The Suscan Screamer is a tragic story of a ghost woman who hung herself over a bridge once she was left at the altar. It is said that she screamed loudly when she jumped. The myth says that this same woman will appear behind your car if you pull over on the bridge.

Lillian Gray

Lillian Gray was a woman who died back in the 1950s at the ripe old age of 77. On her tombstone, the words “Victim of the Beast 666” are scrawled in the stone. Some believe she was taken by a satanic cult, while others believe the devil was inside of her.