10 Super Weird Celebrity Diets That Actually Work

Celebrities have been influencing dieting habits of men and women around the world ever since the celebrity culture started being a thing many years ago. Some of us stick to kale to get Jennifer Aniston’s legs while others go vegan to get Beyonce’s beautiful hourglass figure. Sacrifices need to be made, calories counted and vegetables swallowed as celebrities don’t do moderation, only extremes. We’ve searched long and hard to find the ten celebrity diets that actually work even though they are as weird as it gets. Check our list below if you’re looking for quick and efficient ways to get yourself back on track.

Adriana Lima

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima has a strict no eating rule before every angel show she needs to do. For nine days she gets rid of any solid food and only works out, sometimes even twice a day. What she does ingest is protein shakes and supplements. She swears on this method when you need to lose weight quickly and effectively, recommending it for future brides who need to drop a size quickly in order to fit into their dream dress just in time for the wedding.


While some celebrities simply reduce their intake of food to get to their perfect body, others actually cut out food completely. One of them is Madonna who is a big promoter of the Air Diet, a dieting tool that says you should make the food and serve it on a plate, pick it up with the fork and hold it up to your mouth, but not actually taste it or swallow it. Air Diet is basically promoting not eating at all but instead pretending to do so.