10 Stunning Mosaic Artworks Using Unconventional Materials

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Creating a new brand of art requires quite a high level of skill and expertise. The world is full of artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium, and trying to extract the best out of their potential. Artists who seek to create unconventional works are rare, but their contribution to the artistic landscape is truly immense. Mosaic works are extremely hard to create, and require a thorough understanding of shape and color. This list contains 10 of the best mosaic artworks that have been created using unorthodox materials:

Nail Mosaic

Artist Saimir Strati used nothing but industrial nails to create a stunning mosaic of Leonardo Da Vinci. The Albanian artist used over 400 kilograms of nails to put this piece together.

Polo Shirt Van Gogh

This impressive work can be found in the lobby of the Marunouchi Building near Tokyo Station. It is 32 feet by 32 feet in size, and has been created using nothing by 2,070 polo shirts in 24 colors. This piece is a part of an ad campaign by an apparel brand called Onward Kashiyama.

Elemental Mosaic

These pieces of work have been created by artist Charis Tsevis. He uses elements based on the life of the subject as the base images to create the mosaic. A football player’s mosaic for example would be made using pictures of the athlete, jerseys, football stadiums and so on.

Apple Mosaic

The Kivik Apple Market found a special way to advertise their products and contribute to the artistic realm. Several mosaics using nothing but apples are regularly featured near the store. They have used as many as 75,000 apples to make these mosaics.

Mosaic Staircase

These stairs are officially the largest mosaic staircase in the world. You can walk down this work of art when you visit 16th Avenue in San Francisco.

Cork Mosaic

This particular piece happens to be the largest cork mosaic in the world. It has been made using 229,764 pieces of cork and it required nearly a month to achieve completion. The artist behind this stunning piece is Saimir Strati.

Jelly Bean Queen

This amazing tribute to the queen was made by a firm called Jelly Bean firm. True to their name, they made this piece using nothing except 10,000 jelly beans of different colors.

Mega Man Mega Mosaic

This awesome tribute to classic video game character Mega Man has been made by a fan using 1,500 screenshots from the video game itself. The piece is 120 by 109 centimeters.

Easter Egg Virgin Mary

A mosaic created nothing but Easter eggs is truly a miracle. Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas made this piece with the help of 15,000 wooden Easter eggs. The massive work weighs a little over two and a half tons.

Sweet Mosaic

This particular piece is the largest mosaic in the world made entirely out of sweets. The piece was put together using thousands of office workers and it took several months to finish.