10 Strange And Hilarious Tramp Stamps

Despite a tattoo being labeled as a tramp stamp, a lot of people haven’t shied away from getting this particular brand on their body. There are many forms of body art and there are loads of places on your body you can execute these impressions, but people insist on keeping the tramp stamp alive. We can actually see plenty of funny and creative tramp stamps around, especially when a person bends over in a bar. This list includes a collection of the funniest tramp stamps we have found.

Apple Addict

Enjoying the products or services of a brand is perfectly fine, but idolizing it enough to get a tattoo on your body is the tattoo of an ardent consumer.

Poem Stamp

Tramp stamps don’t have to be crass or crappy, they can be meaningful and poetic. This particular tattoo is an excellent example of this.