10 Strange And Hilarious Tramp Stamps

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Despite a tattoo being labeled as a tramp stamp, a lot of people haven’t shied away from getting this particular brand on their body. There are many forms of body art and there are loads of places on your body you can execute these impressions, but people insist on keeping the tramp stamp alive. We can actually see plenty of funny and creative tramp stamps around, especially when a person bends over in a bar. This list includes a collection of the funniest tramp stamps we have found.

Apple Addict

Enjoying the products or services of a brand is perfectly fine, but idolizing it enough to get a tattoo on your body is the tattoo of an ardent consumer.

Poem Stamp

Tramp stamps don’t have to be crass or crappy, they can be meaningful and poetic. This particular tattoo is an excellent example of this.

Insert Coins In Slot

Believe me, there is nothing worth winning in that machine for you to risk touching the slot.

Literal Tramp Stamp

This is quite literally a tramp stamp. If there was an award for most pointless tramp stamp in the world, no one would even be allowed to enter in that category except for this tattoo.

Star Wars Stamp

What better way to pledge your undying loyalty to a sci-fi franchise than by getting a tattoo that pays tribute to it.

Doctor Tramp

If your doctor has a tramp stamp, I suggest getting a second consult. The doctor sure could have used one before getting that particular tattoo.

Sneak Peak

This tattoo is like a trailer before a film. Only a few people want to see it, and it is never as good as the real thing.

Classic Tramp Stamp

A lot of people think that they are being unique by getting different version of a tramp stamp. There is nothing quite like the original though, when people start seeing that.

I Heart Helvetica

A lot of designers fall deeply in love with certain fonts during the course of their career. One of these designers got drunk and took the ultimate plunge.

Ronald Reagan

You think you like your President? You clearly don’t, because people who are loyal go out and do something about it, like getting a tramp stamp of a President who is long gone.