10 Strange Activities That Are Illegal In Arizona

Arizona might be a dream place to live for a lot of people, especially the older crowd who are ready to retire and leave the Midwest or Northeastern part of the United States. However, it may not be all nice weather, fun activities in Phoenix, and hot women. There’s a lot of weird laws set in place when you look at the history books. While we don’t expect any of these would really hold up in court today, here are some the weirdest things that were considered illegal at one point in the state of Arizona.

Creating Fake Cocaine

This one seems to make sense at first because if you’re found with cocaine, you’re going to be arrested. However, there’s an additional charge that’s given if the police find that the product was fake.

Driving Car In Reverse

Specific to Glendale, don’t even think about backing that car up on the road. We’ll assume that you can still back out of driveways, or maybe there simply are no driveways in the city.