10 Species Which Were Once Thought To Be Extinct

Humanity has rapidly spread across the world, effectively killing off far too many species of animals and plants as we make our new homes, office buildings, and fast-food restaurants. For some reason, we don’t seem too care about what we destroy. Thankfully, there are a select few groups of scientists who actually do care, plus nature always finds a way to survive. Species we once thought were completely extinct may not be as deceased as we once thought. Here are ten species that have been amazingly rediscovered recently.

Mount Diablo Buckwheat

Originally, the Mount Diablo Buckwheat was thought to have gone extinct back in 1936. Thankfully, however, twenty were rediscovered in 2005. The little pink flower, although rather inconspicuous, is currently on the critically endangered list at the moment.

Lord Howe Stick Insect

The Lord Howe Stick Insect went extinct in 1930, or so we thought. The “rarest insect” ever was only recently rediscovered in 2001, though only 30 specimens were found. They are currently nestled on a small islet known as Ball’s Pyramid.