10 Shocking True Stories Of Human Sacrifice

Incan Children Sacrifices

The Inca practice of ritualistic human sacrifice was known as Qhapaq hucha. Child sacrifices were done for important events, such as the death of an emperor or during a famine. The emperor would feast with the selected children who were cleaned regularly, fattened up, drugged with coca leaves and dressed in fine clothing and jewelry before the ritual. Upon reaching the burial site, the children were given an intoxicating drink to minimize pain, fear, and resistance. They were then killed either by strangulation, a blow to the head, or by leaving them to lose consciousness in the extreme cold and die of exposure.

Child Sacrifice in Carthage

Carthage was notorious for their rituals of child sacrifice. Some historians have claimed that child sacrifice to the god Baal-hamon was frequent and prominent considering the large number of remains of infants and children uncovered within sites in Carthage.