10 Shocking Records That Are Likely To Never Be Broken

Andre the Giant Drinks 119 Beers In a Single Sitting

Andre the giant was a heavy drinker in more ways than one. The man, who really was a giant in the strictest sense of the word, was reported to have drank about 7,000 calories of booze a day. He also said that he once drank 119 bears in a six hour period. Because of the drinking people saw him do, most close to him believe this story.

Robert Wadlow’s Height

Andre the Giant might have been big, but he wasn’t the biggest man to ever live. That honor goes to Robert Wadlow who grew to a height of 8’4″ tall by the time he had graduated high school. Sadly, the human body isn’t built to be that tall and Wadlow died at the tender age of 22.