10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About PlayStation

Since 1995, Sony has been a major player in video game distribution. They’ve released four home consoles with various renditions of each along with a couple of handheld units. Unlike other companies, Sony has uniquely kept with the “PlayStation” branding and has been just adding the number at the end of its home consoles. Outside of beginning struggles for the PS3, the decision has worked for them and their latest release, the PS4, is currently the best-selling console on the market. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about PlayStation’s history.

Reasoning Behind Button Symbols

Originally, games were supposed to follow a specific map of the button controls — X and O meant “yes” and “no,” respectively. Triangle was meant to look from a player’s perspective, and square would open up a menu. Many developers didn’t follow this.

Sony Has History Of Memory Card Struggles

PlayStation 2 was infamous for having a console shortage, as did the new memory cards a year later when the console was red-hot. Since Sony didn’t anticipate the demand, people struggled to find even the smallest of cards. Similarly, their handheld PS Vita had memory cards that were very expensive and hard to find on store shelves in recent years.