10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for being the place where The Lord of the Rings was filmed, its love for rugby, and Wellington, its capital, is the southernmost capital in the world. Despite its low population, there’s a lot to love about the country, especially if you love exploring the environment. There are plenty of animals that roam around and there’s a sport that people care just as much about. Learn all of that and more in this list that will surprise you.

Has The Safest Hiking Land

You won’t have to worry about bears or snakes when trekking through forests as the country doesn’t have any. The biggest worry are poisonous spiders, but they hang around in sandy areas and don’t bother humans.

There’s A Lot Of Animals

Don’t think that New Zealand doesn’t have a big animal population. There’s still a lot of them in the wild — 95 percent of the population is animals compared to just 5 percent humans. The country has around 10x more sheep than people.