10 Shocking Facts About Education In The World

The education system in most countries isn’t delivering on the quality required to keep our world moving forward. The system itself feels flawed and the cost of education is rising each year. A facet as important as education should not be allowed to deteriorate, but the quality is dropping with each passing year. More students are under debt now than ever before, sealing the course of their career even before graduating. America is supposed to have a quality education system, but there are many things you may probably not know about this system. Here is a list of 10 shocking facts about education in the world.

Education Is Expensive

If you are choosing a career path, you better make sure it is lucrative. The current price of education at private universities is close to 30,000 dollars each year.

Free Education

Most of Europe takes its education system very seriously, which is why countries like Germany offer completely free education, even in advanced degrees like engineering and medicine.