10 Shocking Examples of Extreme Self-Love

Man Holds Longest Masturbation Record

Masanobu Sato of Tokyo shot to fame for his extreme self-love. Sato holds the longest masturbation session for 9 hours and 58 minutes of jacking off! Sadly Guinness world records does not recognize the achievement but the Japanese man is a three-time champion in masturbation. We didn’t even know there is such a thing.

Shia LaBeouf Films Himself Watching Himself

Shia LaBeouf has been weird lately. From his crazy antics on news about being raped to having a paper bag on his head with the note ‘I’m not famous anymore’, he likes to shock people.

LeBeouf seems to love himself too much as well. In 2015, he rented out the whole Angelika Film Center and for three days straight, watched his films starring himself, and live-streamed it in reverse chronological order — all for the sake of art.