10 Shocking Effects You Never Knew Video Games Had On You

Desensitization To Death

In a study conducted by Auburn University, researchers theorized that playing violent video games would desensitize players to death and increase their capability to commit suicide or other violent crimes. Participants were asked how often they play violent games and the average rating on the games that they did play.

From this study, researchers found that those who play many violent video games actually fear death less than individuals who don’t play violent video games. Furthermore, the individuals who played violent games did not have a higher pain tolerance than others.

Moral Sensitivity

Research has shown that playing a hero or villain in a video game has effects on your moral sensitivity. It was found that participants who played the villain had felt more guilt and shame, this surprised the researchers as they expected the players to become more desensitized to violence and moral violations. However, people that experience evil intentions as video game characters actually became more sensitive to the evil in the world, but this only happened if they had felt guilt first.