10 Shocking Conspiracies Many Americans Still Believe

We’ve all heard about the people in this country who wear tinfoil hats. These are the people who think aliens are going to sweep them up any time now, that the government is putting chemicals into their food in order to monitor their dreams and that Big Brother is always watching and listening, even if the people who are claiming this don’t have anything anyone would be interested in spying on. While these kind of people are generally considered “weird”, there are some American conspiracy theories that have actually taken hold and are more widely believed, even if those conspiracies are the craziest you’ve ever heard.

AIDS Was Created By The CIA To Kill Blacks and Homosexuals

The theory that AIDS was a government creation was most prevalent at the height of the epidemic. Because it raged through certain communities almost unchecked, there were plenty of people who believed the government wasn’t doing anything to stop it, because they started it.

One recent South African President, Thabo Mbeki, is one of most high profile conspiracy theorists who has claimed the US Military made the drug in their labs.

Global Climate Change Is A Hoax

While most people understand that the scientific community has provided ample evidence that global climate change is real and dangerous, there are deniers out there that claim its a massive hoax perpetrated by “environmentalists.”

The deniers claim the climate hasn’t really changed all that much and often point to things like “it still snows in the winter” as proof climate change isn’t happening.