10 Scenic Valleys That You Need To Visit

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There is something special about visiting a beautiful valley during spring time. The freshness in the air, the view of surrounding mountains and water bodies, and the co-existence of many of nature’s creations makes for a truly special sight. The many mountain ranges in the world have been carved by free-flowing rivers and streams over millions of years in order to give us a view that is memorable and awe-inspiring. For any nature lover, the sight of a beautiful valley can be something special. This list features 10 of the best valleys from around the world that you need to visit.

Barun Valley In Nepal

The Barun Valley lies adjacent to the Himalayan mountain range, the mightiest range in the world. It is famous for its high waterfalls and deep gorges.

Kalalau Valley In Hawaii

The Kalalau Valley is the most popular one in all of Hawaii. This valley runs right up till the surrounding ocean body where you can also find the famous Kalalau beach.

Lotschental In Switzerland

Switzerland is a truly exquisite country with many scenic offerings. Lotschental valley in Switzerland is a beautiful location that is surrounded by multiple peaks that stand at well over 3,000 meters. It is also one of the most glaciated regions in the Alps.

Harau Valley In Indonesia

The Harau Valley is a popular destination in Indonesia and is characterized by rich rice fields and high canyon walls that surround the region.

Valley Of Ten Peaks In Canada

This stunning valley can be found in the Banff National Park in Canada and is widely considered as one of the most scenic places in the world. It draws its name from the majestic peaks that surround the park.

Simplon Valley In Italy

This massive valley actually stretches from Italy to Switzerland. You will find many peaceful and uninhabited villages resting in the space between this valley, any one of which offers a great view.

Romsdalen In Norway

This jaw-dropping valley in Norway is not just one of the most beautiful places in the country, it is also famous for testing rapids and rock climbing.

Haa Valley In Bhutan

The Haa valley in Bhutan is one of the many scenic places in this quaint part of Asia. ‘Haa’ literally translates to hidden, a perfect description for this hidden gem.

Nubra Valley In India

The Nubra Valley in India is one of the most unseen locations on this list. You will have to pass through some difficult terrain and get special permissions from the Indian government to visit this valley, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Lauterbrunnen In Switzerland

The Lauterbrunnen Valley In Switzerland is widely considered to be the most scenic valley in the world and it tops this list based on its popularity. This picturesque valley can be found deep within the alps and sees a high population of tourists all year long.