10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Pick The Nice Guy

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Women will often find themselves falling for the wrong type of guy. This man has trouble written on his forehead but it doesn’t even matter because he makes you feel some type of way. Oftentimes women will overlook the nice guy because the bad boy is hard to read but so easy to love. Here are 10 different reasons why a woman would even venture into Bad Boy Land in the first place. You’ll be surprised to find that a lot of it has to do with science.

We Like The Danger

Some women crave that danger factor that bad boys all have. The unpredictability is exciting and keeps you on your toes, even if you know he’s the worst.

We Just Can’t Learn Our Lesson

A study from researchers at the Hartpury College in England, with 146 women, between the ages 18-24, found that even the most experienced women still tend to fall for men who have narcissistic qualities. We can learn from our mistakes in most aspects, but apparently not when it comes to love.

The ​”Nice Guy Paradox”

In two studies in “Sex Roles, A Journal of Research“, the “nice guy paradox” is mentioned, stating that women will often say that they want a nice guy who is sweet, kind and sensitive, but will still reject this man if someone with “other salient characteristics” comes along. Salient characteristics include things like a hot body or a stronger personality.

If A Woman Has Confidence Issues Of Her Own

If a woman doesn’t feel like she needs to be treated like a princess, then she’ll be totally okay spending time with someone who doesn’t treat her like one. And nice guys are guaranteed to smother their woman with love. Plain and simple.

We Want A Project

Some women make it their life’s mission to “fix men”. Bad boys have this tortured edge to them that a woman might want to tame. Nice guys don’t need to be fixed or tamed. They’re totally stable and ready to love you while you’re over there loving the bad boy.

It’s In Their Genes

From a biological perspective, women are meant to procreate with the strongest possible genes. Bad boys send a subliminal message that they have the best genes, so they’re not scared of losing the woman by acting like a jerk. Somehow this makes us want them more.

If A Woman Has A Fear Of Intimacy

If a woman doesn’t want to get too close or fall too hard, she’ll subconsciously choose an emotionally unavailable guy. She won’t choose the good guy, because the good guy is guaranteed to want commitment.

Nice Guys Might Not Be As Physically Strong

Throughout history, men have protected women. Bad boys give us the illusion that they can protect us. With nice guys, women aren’t entirely sure. What if the guy is too much of a push over? Would he stick up for me? A lot of women don’t want to take the risk. A bad boy would just sock someone in the face or start a bar fight.

The Sex Probably Won’t Be As Good

A lot of women associate bad boys with wild and crazy sex, even if it’s not the case. They want to be manhandled and aren’t so sure that a good guy can do that for them.

Nice Guys Are Boring

Once again with the unpredictable factor, a lot of women out there feel like good guys are just too boring and easy to read. A bad boy might ignore you one second and the next whisk you off to a foreign land. It’s not always comfortable with a bad boy, but sometimes comfort isn’t what we’re looking for, is it?