10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Pick The Nice Guy

Women will often find themselves falling for the wrong type of guy. This man has trouble written on his forehead but it doesn’t even matter because he makes you feel some type of way. Oftentimes women will overlook the nice guy because the bad boy is hard to read but so easy to love. Here are 10 different reasons why a woman would even venture into Bad Boy Land in the first place. You’ll be surprised to find that a lot of it has to do with science.

We Like The Danger

Some women crave that danger factor that bad boys all have. The unpredictability is exciting and keeps you on your toes, even if you know he’s the worst.

We Just Can’t Learn Our Lesson

A study from researchers at the Hartpury College in England, with 146 women, between the ages 18-24, found that even the most experienced women still tend to fall for men who have narcissistic qualities. We can learn from our mistakes in most aspects, but apparently not when it comes to love.