10 Propaganda Posters From The World War Period

The last century was not a particularly good one for the world. After centuries of colonial powers trying to take over the planet, the culmination of the power struggles from various parts of the world resulted in two massive wars. These wars played out on a scale that the world had never experienced, and it took an enormous toll on global resources. Every country tried their best to win this war and used propaganda tools to get the support of their own people. After all, it had to be the people who would do all the actual fighting. These propaganda tools were created to use emotions and sentiments to rally people on the right side, and posters were an important propaganda mechanism. Here is a list of 10 propaganda posters from that era.

Motherland Is Calling You

This powerful image of a woman in red who is supposed to symbolize the motherland went on to become one of the most easily recognizable symbols of any country. That’s the thing about propaganda, it tends to spread fairly quickly.

We Can Do It

Empowering woman was unfortunately not a choice made out of perfect intentions. It was done in the wake of the two wars to add to the workforce of the country and strengthen the economic condition.