10 Poisonous Foods People Love To Eat

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Every single day people chomp down a wide variety of food, and most don’t realize that some of that food is considered the most poisonous in the entire world. We mass produce fruits and vegetables, including cherries and certain plans like mushrooms. If cooked or ingested wrong, these food items will kill the person consuming it within a matter of hours – or sometimes even less. Here are ten poisonous foods that people absolutely love to eat.


There are many types of mushrooms that people consume on a regular basis that are highly poisonous. For example, toadstools are highly dangerous. Most people cannot tell a safe mushroom from a poisonous one, sadly.


The pufferfish is known for causing a highly embarrassing death. The fugu is so poisonous, that only a small handful of chefs in Japan are capable of cooking one. They are given a test and receive a certificate just for doing so. Cooked wrong, however, and the customer is dead.


Elderberry trees are attractive and generally quite big. They are covered with small flowers, and these flowers are known for making elderberry liquor and sodas. They are even eaten after being deep fried. If ingested wrongly, however, severe stomach problems and other poison issues will occur.

Castor Oil

Castor oil, which has always been used in candy, chocolate, and other junk food, is actually quite dangerous. A single castor bean can kill a grown man, while four can kill an entire horse. The bean contains ricin, one of the most toxic substances known to man.


Almonds are one of the tastiest of nuts in the world, especially for their unique flavor and great uses in cooking and baking. Sadly, almonds must be processed, as they contain high levels of cyanide.


Cherries are quite popular, especially atop an ice cream sundae or a milkshake – and are even used in other forms of cooking, or eaten raw. Unfortunately, the pit of a cherry contains hydrogen cyanide, which will kill you with no problem.


Apples, much like almond and cherries, also contain high levels of cyanide. The fruit does contain smaller levels than the other two foods, as accidentaly eating a seed or two won’t harm you, but a handful will make you very sick.


Some odd individuals in the world actually enjoy rhubarb puddings and pies, and the plant is easily grown in your home garden. However, the leaves contain corrosive acid, which when mixed with water and soda, becomes highly potent.


Tomatoes, the vegetable everyone loves to argue about, actually contains an a toxin known as glycoalkaloid that causes extreme nervousness and stomach pains within the leaves and stems.


Potatoes have long been a starch-rich food that people love to consume, but sadly, the poison in the stems and leaves, and even within the green portions of the potato, are deadly. Potato poisoning is rare, thankfully.