10 Pictures That Prove That Selfies Aren’t All Bad

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There has been much debate about selfies and selfie sticks over the past year, even as the phenomenon continues to expand around us. It is shocking that an extremely simple cultural phenomenon such as taking your own picture can lead to such a heated debate. A lot of people died last year trying to take selfies, which gives this topic a cynical edge. Like all pieces of technology or culture however, even selfies have their positives and negatives. The following 10 pictures show us that when done right, selfies can be pretty awesome too.

Bald Eagle Selfie

If you ever get the chance to take a selfie with a bald eagle, you have to take the shot, there’s just no question about it!

Prince’s Selfie

Prince is always on the fringe of everything. Even his selfie is as bizarre and awesome as everything else about him.

Royal Selfie

How many times do you get to take a selfie with the queen of England? It’s even better than a selfie with a bald eagle!

Walking Dead Selfie

Norman Reedus knows how to take an awesome selfie! His collection is pretty great, and this has to be one of the best he has ever taken.

Selfie With A Beatle

So you found a rock ‘n’ roll hall of famer sitting on a park bench and you know that this moment is possible the greatest one in your entire life. You have to capture that with a selfie right?

Photoshop Selfie

Why take a selfie, when you can take a groupie with your self! Ah, the magic of Photoshop!

Rocky Selfie

If Rocky thinks taking a selfie is alright, then its alright, kapish?

What A View!

This guys is not just one lucky captain, but he knows how to absolutely crush a selfie!

Selfie In Space

What do you do when the entire cast of ‘Star Trek’ has come together after a long time? You take a selfie where no selfie has gone before!

Holy Selfie

If the pinnacle of Christianity is okay to pose for a selfie, then who are we to think otherwise.