10 People Who Tried To Fake Their Own Deaths

Kimberly Du

Due to be in court for traffic violations in 2005, Kimberly Du’s mother handed a letter to the judge claiming that Du was dead. Judging by the letter they believed Du to have died in a car crash early that month and her charges were dismissed. Exactly a month after her supposed death, Du was stopped again for yet another traffic violation. Du was served with two years of probation and a fine of $500 and was also ordered to get help for substance abuse.

Alfredo Sanchez

In 2003, Alfredo Sanchez came up with an idea to rack up a ton of credit card debt and take out a £500,000 life insurance policy, he then moved to Ecuador by himself, leaving his family behind in England.

After he moved, his wife had told his employer that he had died and had been cremated. She then gave a death certificate. This worked and everything went great until 2007 when someone had decided to use a staff discount card given to them by Sanchez, this got the police interested and they began to investigate Sanchez’s death. While investigating, they found that his fingerprints were on his own death certificate, and that he had changed his name to Hugo Jose years before faking his death and had been using this name. In 2010, Sanchez’s wife was arrested and in 2011 he was arrested, his wife was given two years imprisonment while he served 5 years.