20 Creepy Conspiracies You Never Knew About The Shining

When it comes to creepy horror films, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining takes the cake. Set in a eerie remote location, filled with the ghosts of the brutally murdered, home to weird inhabitants and guests, everything about the film is designed to make us feel entirely on edge. There is a lot more to the film than meets the eye, however. Over the years, people have started to look a little more closely to the images on screen and gradually, have spotted a number of secret messages they believe that Kubrick was hiding along the way. This comes with a warning, though: After you’ve read these things, you’ll never be able to view the film in the same way.

It Is An Apology For The Fake Moon Landing

The conspiracy that the first moon landing was faked is a hardly a new one, but did you know that many people believe that Stanley Kubrick was in on the act? According to some theorists, there are coded messages in the film, such as Danny’s Apollo 11 sweater and the images of rockets in the hotel, which prove that Kubrick helped to set up the whole thing. The Shining, in their eyes, was just a way for Kubrick to say sorry.

The Overlook Hotel Is Hell

Arguably the creepiest hotel in all of cinema, the Overlook hotel is not somewhere where many of us would choose to spend the night. Apparently, however, there is something much more sinister at play in the location and the hotel itself might just be the site of hell. The idea is pretty convincing, too. After Jack Torrance signs the contract promising to guard the hotel, he soon descends into evil and madness, bringing many viewers to believe that he had signed a deal with the devil to watch over his domain. Creepier still, the hotel never lets its victims go, making them stay there, eternally suffering.

The Film References Native American Genocide

Look a little closer at the Overlook and you might be surprised at the amount of Native American imagery that you find plastered around the place. The hotel was even said to have been built on an Indian burial ground, bringing many viewers to believe that the film is actually referencing the mass Native American genocide that took place in the location before the building was even around.

There Is Something Hiding In The River Of Blood

The river of blood that crops up again and again in the film is nothing short of iconic but according to some people, there may be more to the scene that meets the eye. Closer looks at the shot seem to reveal a hidden object moving through the river of blood and whilst it has not been confirmed or denied by people who worked on the film, theorists believe that it could be very significant to the film’s meaning. Could the hiding object be the key to the hotel’s secret?