10 People Who Took Instructions Way Too Literal

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For most of our lives, many of us were taught how to properly follow instructions. Sometimes we take these given instructions too literal and do the exact opposite of what we were told to do. Some people take their given instructions literally to next level. You can’t, however, get mad at their person because they’re just doing what they were told. Let’s take a look at a few times some people took their instructions way too literal.

Finding The Difference Between 8 and 6

Finding the difference between 8 and 6 means subtract. This particular student has another idea in mind.

Hugging A Curb When Leaving

This guy is seriously hugging the curb as he’s departing.

Draw A Plant Cell

We’re taught how to draw plant cells in biology. It’s hilarious to see this poor plant is actually in a jail cell.

Watch Children

A Watch Children sign is to let drivers know children are in the area and to slow down their driving. It doesn’t mean to literally watch children.

Solve The Equation

When your teacher asks you to solve an equation, you give them a literal answer.

Draw Yourself a Bath

Draw yourself a bath means to actually run some bath water and prepare for relaxation.

Please Fall In Line

Fall in line means to gather in a straight line and wait, not literally falling in line.

Alphabetical Order

Instead of unscrambling the words and then putting them in alphabetical order, this little genius took matters into their own hands.

No Bicycle Parking

The sign doesn’t say you can’t use your unicycle in the area.

Name A Quadrilateral

This student took naming a quadrilateral literal by giving the shapes real names.