10 People Who Faked Their Own Abductions

Aftab Aslam

After Aftab Aslam flunked his English class for the second time, he became panicked about telling his parents about his academic achievements. He decided to pretend to be a gang member and texted his parents telling them that their son had just been kidnapped and would be killed if they contacted police. After his parents did call the police out of fear, the FBI got involved too.

During the investigation, the police realized the phone used to contact Aslam’s parents was purchased by the man himself and started suspecting the whole story was made up. Aslam showed up a few days later at his parents’ door, telling them and the police that he had been drugged and kidnapped. The police questioned him until he cracked and admitted to making up the abduction. He was arrested and charged with making terrorism threats, making false statements, falsely reporting a crime, and tampering with evidence.

Jennifer Wilbanks

In 2005 a woman by the name of Jennifer Wilbanks was about to get married to John Mason in a grand wedding with over 600 attendees. So, when four days before the wedding the 32-year-old woman disappeared, everyone was in shock and even the media got involved.

Wilbanks left home to go for a run but never came back. Her fiance got worried and called the hospitals, went searching for her and when the night came and she still hasn’t come home, he called the police. By then, almost 300 people were already looking for the woman. Four days later, Wilbanks called her fiance and told him she was kidnapped and raped by two people, a white female and a Hisanic male. After an FBI agent talked to her and informed her that her story didn’t make sense, she broke down and confessed she had faked her kidnapping. She was under a lot of pressure from the wedding. In the end, she was charged with one felony account, and sentenced to two years probation. There was no wedding.