10 People Claiming To Have Had Sex With Aliens

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People claim to have been abducted by aliens all the time. There is nothing new about an abduction or sighting story. However, claiming to have had sex with an alien, and even having a name for said alien that you had relations with is a bit disturbing. Some of these ten individuals say they lost their virginity to an alien entity, while others simply claim to have had a sexual affair with them on the side. Here are ten insane people who claim to have made love to an extraterrestrial.

Simon Parkes

Back in 2013, a city councilor from the small town of Stakesby, UK, claimed he had sexual relations with an alien that he called the “Cat Queen.” He even claimed to father an alien daughter by the name of Zarka with his extraterrestrial mistress.

David Huggins

Beginning at the tender age of six, painter David Huggins, of Hoboken, New Jersey, reported being abducted multiple times during his life. At the age of 17, though, Huggins had sex and lost his virginity to Crescent, an alien-human hybrid.

Suzanne Brown

Suzanne Brown, a busineswoman from Cheshire, England, claimed she was visited numerous times by an alien known as Myriko between 1965 and 1989. The alien, who had shoulder-length blonde hair, forced her into a sexual relationship.

Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury, back in 1988, was lying in his bed when he was paralyzed and surrounded by numerous alien beings. One of them inserted a needle into the side of his head, knocking him unconcious. The man was then sexually involved in a relationship with the species.

Stephany Fay Cohen

Stephany Fay Cohen, a psychic, claimed to have repeated, consensual sex with a group of aliens she had dubbed “Team Spirit.” She claims she entered into their UFO while in a spirit form while her body slept.

Jose Inacio Alvaro

Jose Inacio Alvaro’s home experienced a power outage on the night of March 2, 1978. While the lights were off, Alvaro witnessed a passing UFO. The UFO returned, picking Alvaro up. He recalled having sex with one of the naked aliens, which he said had better breasts than any woman on Earth.

Pamela Stonebrooke

Pamela Stonebrooke, a Los Angeles-based professional Jazz Singer, claimed she had multiple erotic relations with shape-shifting alien reptiles. Her first encounter, in 1993, was aboard an alien spaceship.

Elizabeth Klarer

Elizabeth Klarer, of South Africa, is said to have made contact with aliens in the Drakensberg Mountains. She wrote an article, claiming the aliens were peaceful vegetarians. She even spoke of an interstellar romance when she was younger.

Meng Zhaoguo

Meng Zhaoguo, a logger from Heilongjiang, China, was working at the Red Flag Logging Camp in 1994 when he witnessed a UFO. He investigated, being knocked unconcious. An alien woman appeared, and he had sex while floating in mid-air for 40 minutes with her.

Antonio Vilas-Boas

Antonio Vilas-Boas, a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer, noticed strange lights in the skies for multiple days. While plowing his field late at night, a red light appeared, landing near him in the field. Antonio tried to escape, but was unable to. He was captured, and then had sex with one of the females.