10 Parents Trolling Their Kids In The Most Hilarious Ways

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Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to enjoy yourself as a parent and have some good, trolling fun in the process! Educating and raising your kids should always be a priority, but it has been proven time and time again that some of the happiest families are those who don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s why these ten photos of parents trolling their kids in the most hilarious way can do nothing but inspire you for your future raising adventures as well.

Masturbating On The Towels

This must have been some weird household to live in.

Facebook Crap Likes

Mommy teaching her kids some real life, 21st century values.

Fish Feeding

We’re not sure about this photo, but it does seem as if there’s a book blocking any and all oxygen to enter the fish bowl?

Pink Tutu

Well, at least the mom was creative enough to put in some cookies.

Be Sure To Use Protection

Well that’s some modern parenting right there. It’s just a shame they’re setting him up for having children, since they put a hole in the condom!

Gone Canoeing

The black man with the machete was pre-approved by mom so it must be okay.

Wifi Password

What’s the one thing today’s generation can’t live without? That’s right — the internet, so if you want things done around the house, don’t let them online!


This will make your children never miss a curfew again.

Cleanliness First

We can’t help but wonder if these threats actually work when it comes to teenage kids.

Pranking 101

Imagine counting on these snacks to make you push through the day and then opening the bag only to find there’s nothing in there.