10 Of The Worst Riots In Human History

2011 English Riots

After police controversially shot and killed Mark Duggan, hundreds of people organized a protest march on August 6. Shortly after this march, scuffles began to break about between youths and the police until larger riots engulfed the city of London and other cities around England for several days. An estimated $300 million worth of property was damaged during looting and arson attacks, while five people died in separate incidents. Police went on to arrest more than 3,000 individuals who were involved.

1992 LA Riots

Perhaps the most famous series of riots of history, the LA riots that took place in 1992 were sparked by the acquittal of two white police officers who had been taped beating a black man called Rodney King. These events led to mass violence that saw over 2,000 injuries, 7,000 fires, 53 deaths and an estimated $1 billion in damage and lost revenue.