10 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Skellig Michael, Ireland

As stunning as the islands off the coast of Ireland can be and as fascinating as the history is behind Skellig Michael, it remains to this day one of the most unpredictable and treacherous climbs around. 1,000 year old stone stairs may not sound so bad, but high winds and slippery conditions have claimed lives. Due to the historical significance, it is highly unlikely that guardrails will ever be installed.

Mont Blanc, France and Italy

Europe’s highest peak may have certain appeal to the ambitious hiker, but consider the fact that one of the most popular routes up is the Gouter corridor, also known as the “corridor of death”, which is prone to rockfalls and avalanches. Remember, though, that’s the easy way to get to the top. Fatalities range from 30 to 70 deaths per year.