10 Of The Weirdest Japanese TV Shows

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Japan’s culture is, without question, extremely weird. If you ever get bored of what’s on TV and feel a bit adventurous, it’s easy to search and find some extremely weird TV show clips from the country. While Japanese animation might be the most famous product out of there, something that should get more attention are the extremely weird game shows they have. Contestants have to fear for their life, bite into a shoe that could be candy, or even get pleasured by an adult film star to win prizes or money. Here are some of the craziest shows that we were able to find.

Panic Face King

Surprisingly, this show hasn’t made its way to the States yet. A hidden camera is set up to a target that has to deal with a sniper pointing a gun right at them. The hidden camera always captures the sheer horror on their face.


Fear Factor was the show that closely resembled this one, except this fear is simply not dying. Strange tasks aren’t done in sets. Instead, contestants had to do multiple things at once that generally made them physically ill, vomiting and passing out.

Candy Or Not Candy

No, this doesn’t resemble Deal or No Deal in any way. The game show featured contestants taking a bite out of random objects, like shoes, clothes, books, etc. Sometimes they were actually made of candy, and other times, they’d be taking a bite out of the actual object.

How To Escape A Fart

Weirdly enough, this show doesn’t really do what the title says. Instead of trying to escape, contestants have to waive their fart around a darkened room by doing various activities. For the enjoyment of everyone, farts are died yellow and easy to see in the dark area.

A Life Out Of Prizes

Famous Japanese comedian Eggplant was stripped naked and forced to live a life that only featured him using magazine prizes. It’s like a worse version of Big Brother, and with only one crazy guy living in the house.

Troop Of 100

The object of this show is for a group of 100 people to chase after an unsuspecting target. If they catch them, the victim is tossed up into the air multiple times, and then the group immediately runs away.

Crazy Screaming Guy Show

As pointless as the boring title shows, this deals with a crazed man that’s dressed up and he runs around screaming at random people on the street. It’s like a worse version of the old “Jaywalking” skits on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

This Is No Task For Kids

Another show that gave contestants physical pain was this game show. They had to complete various tasks such as not laughing or making noise when it’s nearly impossible not do. If they failed, they would get struck hard by an object.

Slapped In The Balls

The game show is as painful as it sounds. Male contestants must try to complete tongue twisters in a limited amount of time. Fail, and they’ll suffer a swift blow to the groin.

Yoshimi Tokui’s Unzipped

Male contestants didn’t really lose in this adult-oriented game show. They had to sing while adult film star Yoshimi Tokui would pleasure them, such as giving them handjobs. If the contestant could make it without getting off, they’d win up to one million yen.