10 Of The Weirdest Japanese TV Shows

Japan’s culture is, without question, extremely weird. If you ever get bored of what’s on TV and feel a bit adventurous, it’s easy to search and find some extremely weird TV show clips from the country. While Japanese animation might be the most famous product out of there, something that should get more attention are the extremely weird game shows they have. Contestants have to fear for their life, bite into a shoe that could be candy, or even get pleasured by an adult film star to win prizes or money. Here are some of the craziest shows that we were able to find.

Panic Face King

Surprisingly, this show hasn’t made its way to the States yet. A hidden camera is set up to a target that has to deal with a sniper pointing a gun right at them. The hidden camera always captures the sheer horror on their face.


Fear Factor was the show that closely resembled this one, except this fear is simply not dying. Strange tasks aren’t done in sets. Instead, contestants had to do multiple things at once that generally made them physically ill, vomiting and passing out.