20 People That Are Having A Much Worse Day Than You

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It is the beginning of a new week and while we might think that is the worse thing possible, these people might make you feel better about your day. Yes, we have all had bad days, weeks or months before, but sometimes it is not as bad as we think. We have come up with a list of 20 people that are having a much worse day then we are. Check them out and if you don’t agree, you must be having a really bad day.

Drunk Guy

All this guy wanted was some pizza after a night of drinking and he came so close! He better wakeup and eat that pizza or we’ll be upset.


She was just trying to catch some rays, but this dog had other plans. He was just looking for something to pee on and she was the perfect height!

Maintenance Guy

This guy does not look amused at that elevator trying to take his vacuum away! That is too funny and it looks like no more cleaning is getting done that day.


These people tried to be cheap and transport paint in plastic tubs with no covers. They thought it was a good idea, but we are thinking they regret that decision right about now.

Almost A Winner

The claw game is so evil and we have come so close to winning a prize before, but never this close! They had Mickey in the claw, but then Goofy decided to keep him around a little bit longer.

Not Dinner Time

You were thinking it was time for dinner, but not so much. Not only did you spill your spaghetti, but you spilled it on all your clothes and have to do laundry too!

No Pop For You

Unfortunately, we have been there before. You go and get a pop from the store, but those containers are the worst! They are so flimsy and this happens way too often.

No Cake Either

While it was a special occasion for someone’s 16th birthday party, it looks like none of the guests are getting cake. That is, unless they want to eat it off the ground!

Pepper Anyone?

This person woke up early for work and even made themselves some eggs for breakfast. The pepper shaker broke at the wrong time, as they are now having eggs with their pepper!

Found It!

You were searching and searching for your tablet and just couldn’t remember where you placed it. Well, you found it and you might not be using it ever again!

You’re Fired

This is bad news all around, as you took your car in to get worked on because it wasn’t running correctly. Then this happened, now you need a new car and the mechanic needs a new job!

How Did That Happen?

You managed to lock yourself out of the house, but not in a normal way. How the heck did that keyring get around the handle of the door? That is some bad luck there!

No Snacks For You

You were hungry at work and it was the middle of the afternoon, so you went down to the vending machine to get a snack. Apparently the vending machine didn’t think you needed any snacks, as it kept denying you treats!

No Shame

If you are going to go on Jeopardy and not know any of the answers, don’t just sit there and not buzz in. This contestant decided to go strong with not knowing any answers and just kept buzzing in anyways! Maybe they thought it was the highest negative score wins?

Late For Work

This person went out to lunch and was on their way back, but we don’t think they are going to make it back in time. That shifter is kind of needed to move the car from Point A to Point B!

Never Coming Back

That is one amusement park that we would never come back to! To sit there long enough for a crane to come in and get you down, we would die.

The Last Roll

It looks like you are going to the store for toilet paper, as this person just dropped their only roll into the toilet. We normally throw toilet paper in the toilet, but not a whole roll of it!

Time For A Diet

Someone must have had a very fun weekend and had a little too much to drink and eat, as the scale was not happy with them. We have had big gains after a weekend, but never actually broke the scale!

Tragic Love Story

This girl had so much love for her new mug, but the love ended early. She went and dropped the mug and now it is gone forever!

CPS Is Coming For Them

These parents better watch out for Child Protective Services coming after them after this big fail of a family photo. They thought it was a good idea, but at least the babies are falling on sand!