10 Of The Wackiest Political Parties In The World

If you’ve visited the voting booth in the last few years, chances are you were thinking about the normal issues voters look at today such as taxes, health care, equal rights, and maybe food quality. But what if you had other concerns such as how many sunsets you’d get to enjoy? What if you wanted to use chocolate as currency? Or, you’d like to see a plan in place that encourages you to pass gas? Look no further. These political groups may have something to offer you!

The Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements (Denmark)

This frivolous political party was founded in 1979 by Jacob Haugaard, a comedian who said, “If work is so healthy, then why not give it to the sick?” He continued to run for office and in 1994 was unexpectedly granted an official seat in parliament after obtaining enough personal votes! He served his full term and decided not to run again after.

Political promises of The Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements: Better weather, better Christmas presents, Renaissance-style furniture at IKEA, the right to impotency, and daily schedule of 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of spare time. He also promised Nutella in field rations, which he did make good on!

The Imperial British Conservative Party (New Zealand)

The name is not as catchy as the back story! This farcical political party from the 1990’s was founded by The Wizard of New Zealand, a self-proclaimed ‘living work of art’ and icon in New Zealand. He’s a magician, teacher, comedian and politician. Once, in an effort to become a “fictional character,” the Wizard did not renew identification such as driver’s license and passport. Harry Potter for president anyone?

Political philosophy of the Imperial British Conservative Party: Imperialism (believes countries with a monarchy are more stable), conservative philosophy of life, peace-loving, anti-war, preserver of culture.