10 Of The Strangest Toys To Hail From Japan

The contribution of the Japanese to the landscape of modern popular culture is extremely immense. Of all the entertainment industries in the world to make a global impact, Japan has to be rated as one of the all-time biggest giants. From films to animes, from mangas to toys, Japan has given the world some exciting, intense, illuminating and off-colored elements. Here is the list of some of the strangest and funniest Japanese toys you can actually buy.

Koibito Art Toy

This toy might seem like a creation from a Japanese fantasy movie, but it has been actually created by artist Yoskay Yamamoto. It is a vinyl figurine that is based on one his paintings titled ‘In Another Land’ and is only about 7 inches tall. It has become a very popular figurine and is famous for combing elements of American pop art and Japanese mysticism.

Tuttuki Bako Poking Box

This extremely simple toy became very famous in Japan and can be purchased online for under 50 dollars. It is an interactive toy, where people simply insert their finger into the hole at the side of the box and your finger is seen in a virtual form on the front.