10 Of The Strangest Things Found In Human Stomachs

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People have some crazy eating habits. We’ve all seen the television series where normal, everyday human beings consume soap, pillow stuffing, or glass, but the items listed here are so much worse than what you may imagine. Just take a second to imagine being a doctor at the local hospital and performing an X-ray on a patient and discovering a live hand grenade sitting inside someone’s stomach, or something even worse. It is odd, to say the least. Here are ten items someone actually discovered in a human stomach.


A Chinese man went into a local hospital complaining of abdominal pain. Doctors, who performed an X-ray to discover the cause, found an entire glass bottle was lodged in his stomach. He required surgery to have it removed.


Margaret Daalman, of the Netherlands, went to the hospital with nothing more than a stomach ache. Surgeons at the Rotterdam hospital were shocked when they discovered 78 pieces of cutlery within the 52-year-old woman’s stomach. She only ate the spoons and forks, though.


Children tend to eat batteries every single year, but one 13-month old boy from Liecester, England, died after ingesting multiple batteries. He died due to internal bleeding thanks to the batteries he found in his local nursery school.

Live Frogs

Yang Dingcai, of Southeast China, claims that for the past 40 years he has been swallowing live frogs and rats in an effort to avoid any intestinal issues and keep him strong. The animals die within his body following ingestion.


Chinese carpenter Li Xiangyang was carrying a nail between his teeth while working when he accidentally coughed and swallowed the nail whole. It was discovered within his body. As the doctor went to remove the nail, Li coughed again, sucking the nail back in.


8-year-old Haley Lents of Huntingburg, Indiana, discovered a couple of shiny objects laying around her family home, which she assumed to be nothing more than candy. Not long after, her intestines and stomach were filled with magnets.

Light Bulb

Doctors in Pakistan removed a light bulb from a prisoner’s stomach after he complained of some pain. The prisoner could not explain to anyone how it happened, and was just as shocked as everyone else when they removed it.

Hand Grenade

One terrorist had the brilliant idea to swallow an entire grenade somehow, and he thought he could set it off and kill innocent people. Unfortunately, he had no way of pulling the pin on the grenade, so it was stuck within him.


A Nigerian, arrested in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, was moved to a hospital after an X-ray showed a foreign lump within his stomach. The lump was discovered to be 54 capsules of methamphetamine.

Bed Springs

While in Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina, numerous X-rays from within showed prisoners would swallow various items, including whole metal bed springs, in an effort to gain trips to hospitals outside of the prison walls.