10 Of The Strangest Stories Involving Exotic Pets

Keeping exotic pets in your apartment is the ultimate way to be known as the wacky friend. It’s also the way to get yourself or your loved ones killed by accident. If your animal friend can be seen on National Geographic dismembering gazelles, it is almost certain you will have a tale or two to tell about the very unusual life you and your pet friend are having. We’ve searched for the most unusual and quite creepy stories of how just how bad of an idea keeping exotic animals at home is. Check our list below for the ten oddest stories.

The Naked Hoarder

Fox reporter how Mr. Pilotti Sr. managed to gather every kind of species known to mankind in his home, practically acting as if he’s building Noah’s ark. The animals in his home ranged from dogs to alligators. Only after the man started walking starkers around his house was the police able to intervene. He was sent to jail for animal cruelty.

The Birthday Gift

Pam Weaver died after her 10-month-old camel attacked her. The police officer that was on the case said he thinks it might have even be a sexual sort of thing going on between the woman and the animal. Apparently, the camel was “in season” and acted towards Weaver as if she was a competing male. Weaver got the camel as a birthday present.