10 Of The Silliest Driving Laws From Around The World

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Our ability to transport ourselves from one location to another using automobiles has got to be one of our greatest strengths. This has made the world a much smaller place and has also allowed us to fully utilize the land at our disposal. Unfortunately, the sheer number of people driving around in cities has led to the creation of very stringent driving laws around the world. Some of these laws are absolutely necessary in maintaining order, but a few laws are quite pointless. This list features 10 of the silliest driving laws from around the world.

Frowning Is Frowned Upon

It is illegal to frown at a traffic or police officer in New Jersey.

Monkey On Your Backseat

If for some reason you happen to have a gorilla in the backseat of your car, make sure you don’t drive through Massachusetts. You can actually get fined for that.

Double Vision

If you are driving in Spain, you need to have an extra pair of glasses in your car even if you are already wearing one.

Sheep In The Big City

You are not allowed to leave a sheep unescorted in your truck in Montana.

Wiping Nothing

Luxemborg passed a law making it mandatory to have windshield wipers on all cars, even if they don’t have a windshield.

Love Of Livestock

Pennsylvania really cares for their livestock. If you are driving on country roads in Pennsylvania, you need to stop every mile and launch a rocket signal in order to warn livestock of your proximity.

Ridin Dirty

If you are in Ohio and you call for a cab, make sure you sit inside it. People who like to sit on top of the cab’s roof can get fined for that.

Don’t Get Handsy

It is illegal to honk the horn of another person’s car in Missouri. How would one even do that while driving?

Reading And Driving

Oklahoma actually passed a law that now prevents drivers from reading comic books while operating their car.

Grounds For Trouble

If you are the kind of person who likes to drive through playgrounds in your car, make sure you don’t do that in Georgia. You can get into a lot of trouble as it is now illegal.