10 Of The Sexiest NFL WAGs

It can often seem as if professional athletes and especially NFL players literally have it all. They are usually people who have themselves in the top physical condition a human being can be in and they are also making a ton of money. These guys are also getting to play the manliest of manly games and they are getting to be on television every week from September to January. The biggest payoff of all, when it comes to being a professional football player is that there are plenty of NFLers who have some incredibly hot wives and girlfriends. If you want just a sampling of just how hot some of these NFL WAGs really are, then you need look no further than this list.

Erin Heatheron

This Victoria’s Secret model makes the list of hottest women in the world, let along hottest NFL WAGs. This uber-sexy model has been tied to Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron.

Leila Lopes

Leila Lopes looks like she could get by on her great looks alone, but the wife of New York Giants defender Osi Umenyiora actually studied business management in England and has traveled the world educating people on the dangers of HIV/AIDs. Beauty and brains are all wrapped in one ridiculously hot package with Lopes.