10 Of The Sexiest NFL WAGs

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It can often seem as if professional athletes and especially NFL players literally have it all. They are usually people who have themselves in the top physical condition a human being can be in and they are also making a ton of money. These guys are also getting to play the manliest of manly games and they are getting to be on television every week from September to January. The biggest payoff of all, when it comes to being a professional football player is that there are plenty of NFLers who have some incredibly hot wives and girlfriends. If you want just a sampling of just how hot some of these NFL WAGs really are, then you need look no further than this list.

Erin Heatheron

This Victoria’s Secret model makes the list of hottest women in the world, let along hottest NFL WAGs. This uber-sexy model has been tied to Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron.

Leila Lopes

Leila Lopes looks like she could get by on her great looks alone, but the wife of New York Giants defender Osi Umenyiora actually studied business management in England and has traveled the world educating people on the dangers of HIV/AIDs. Beauty and brains are all wrapped in one ridiculously hot package with Lopes.

Katherine Webb

You probably remember Katherine Webb as the young woman in the stands who Brent Musberger had gone gaga over when he was calling an Alabama football game a few years back.

What you may not remember is that she was dating Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron. AJ has moved onto the NFL and is the backup quarterback for the Bengals. He and Webb are now married.

Colleen Crowley

Colleen Crowley is currently in a long term relationship with Cleveland Browns bad boy Johnny Manziel. If her good looks aren’t eventually going to get the quarterback in trouble, it might be her love of partying. Supposedly Manziel had to check himself into rehab after hitting one too many bash with this little hottie.

Candice Crawford

Tony Romo certainly has a type. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was once tied to Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood and now the passer is married to former Ms. Missouri Candice Crawford. Romo loves his blondes and he likes them to be stunningly good looking.

Miranda Brooke

Miranda Brooke and her beau AJ Green haven’t yet tied the knot, but there are plenty of people who think it’s going to happen any day now. Not only is Brooke gorgeous, but she’s also an extremely talented as an R&B singer.

Taylor Reazin

Taylor Reazin and Danny Amendola have been dating since 2013 and friends of the couple think it’s just a matter of time before the pair are headed down the aisle.

Nicole Pechanec

Nicole Pechanec might look a little bit like the girl next door, but she’s actually quite the athlete herself. When she is not practicing her gymnastics routines and trying out for the US National team or interning at NASA, she can be seen on the arm of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. His last name has never been more fitting.

Courtney Eckhart

Raised in Corvallis, Oregon, this blonde bombshell apparently met and started dating Oregon Duck superstar LaMicheal James as he was passing through town on his way to the NFL. While the two aren’t married, they do have a child together and have been going strong for quite a while.

Sam Ponder

Samantha Ponder had herself quite the career long before she met her now husband, Christian Ponder. The NFL quarterback, who was drafted as the future of the Minnesota Vikings, might be a journeyman QB these days, but at least he gets to come home to this ESPN analyst and uber hottie.