10 Of The Most Outrageous Lawsuits Ever Filed

Ah the joys of living in a democratic society! Thanks to judicial freedom we can pretty much utilize the courts whenever we feel that our rights have been violated. Unfortunately many in an attempt to make millions have come up with creative or oftentimes even ridiculous lawsuits that really have no place in a court of law. While some people genuinely feel that that they have been wronged and deserve their day in court, others are really just taking advantage of the judicial system in an attempt to make a quick buck, or gain some attention. Here are some of the most outrageous lawsuits ever filed, not surprisingly many of them have been thrown out due to their utter ridiculously, while others have been dropped due to lack of proper evidence. Some of these lawsuits have even backfired and have led to imprisonment for those who believe the judicial system is something to be played with!

New York Man Sues For 2 Undecillion Dollars

After being bitten by a dog on bus, then having his photo taken without permission during his treatment, Anton Purisima filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court for 2 undecillion dollars. He wants to sue the dog owner, NYC transit, Au Bon Pain store, two local hospitals and Kmart. In case your wondering, 2 undecillion dollars is more money than even exist on the planet; that’s a 2 follows by thirty-six zeros.

Woman Sues McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee

Stella Libeck sued fast-food giant McDonald’s after their coffee spilt on her body and she was hospitalized with third degree burns. Stella offered to settle the case for $20,000 but the fast food giant refused to offer her more than 800 dollars, so the case went to court. Ultimately a jury awarded Stella almost $3 million in punitive damages.