10 Of The Most Hilarious Real-Life Church Signs

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We’ve all see the run of the mill church signs that tells us that God has risen and we will only find happiness through him. These signs are generally annoying because they are not really going to rope us into going and they tend to be rather unimaginative. Then there are the times that occur every now and then when the people who run the church signs clearly have a pretty good sense of humor about everything. The fact that they have a sense of humor about these signs makes us actually want to go to the church in order to see what else they’re really funny about. Sometimes they’re just fun to drive past and read. Check out 10 of the most hilarious real-life church signs and let us know which ones you found the funniest.

Do They Know What That Means?

We have to assume this church meant food or drink. It’s hard to believe they would reference spitting and swallowing the way they are usually thought of in this day and age.

We’ll Stop We Promise

This is one of those threats that everyone can take to heart. We’ve all heard about the big things that God does to punish us. When they mention something like this, it’s almost too believable to dismiss.

That’s One Way To Win Someone Over

Calling someone a loser generally doesn’t get people onto your side. At the same time, there are certainly people who are going to see that sign and realize the sense of humor this church is using.

What, No Beer?

We love the effort behind trying to lure people into the church with an offer of beer. The “Free Jesus” comment wins as well.

Sexy And Sacriligious

This will certainly draw some people in with the sense of humor. Others are going to wonder why a church is pushing sexy times.

Aint That The Truth?

This church is extra good because they allow for a sense of humor while also giving a bit of a message against texting while driving.

What If We’re Left Handed?

This is another one of those signs that is less about a sense of humor and more about a lack of sense of self awareness.

Safety And Humor In One

We’ve all heard about the stop, drop and roll when we’re on fire. That won’t work when talking about doing that in hell. This sign tells us that the church understands how funny that comment can be

Or Whatever

We love that dogs and cats blessings are spelled out but then the other pets are covered under “or whatever.” We also wonder what exactly the lawnchair is for. Do they bless those too?

We’re Going To Go Somewhere Else

We have to believe the quote is from the bible. If the church wants people to stop on by, they are going to want to stop making it look like the pastor is the one who was saying that.