10 Of The Most Hilarious Products That Were Scams

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Our world is, unfortunately, filled to the brim – and sometimes overflowing – with various cons, scams, and horrible products created to simply take money straight from your wallet. A lot of these products were crafted entirely for the uneducated, preying on their weaknesses and fears to scoop up as much cash as possible before disappearing into the sunset. Some of these products are, however, simple to see through. They are so laughable and horrible that it doesn’t take a genius to see they are nothing but scams. Here are ten of the most hilarious products that were scams.

Premium Bottled Water

Fine Waters, a company presenting themselves as the water-tasting authority, have begin selling premium bottled water to customers looking for something a bit more extravagant. They claim it comes from glaciers in Iceland or rainwater from Australia. In reality, it is normal water.

Canned Oxygen

Canned oxygen has long been a product you could buy, sadly. Parting with your hard-earned money in an effort to breath in fresh oxygen is said to boost your sports performance, at least according to the company behind the scam.

Balance Bands

Balance bands are $40 pieces of plastic that wrap around your wrist and claim to improve your natural balance. They also offer improved healing, a better immune system, and better sleep. Obviously this is all a scam.

Crystal Music Healing

Listening to music is a wonderful way to calm yourself and relax after a long day, but if you really think that music is going to cure your illness, you have another thing coming. The Crystal Music Healing costs $15 to purchase.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Xtreme Fuel Treatment claims they can reduce the ignition point for diesel fuel by up to 400 degrees, which could end in disaster for many vehicles. If it were true, the product would burn fuel at room temperature.

HD Vision Wrap-Around Sunglasses

HD Vision Wrap-Around Sunglasses sound like a wonderful idea on paper, but in reality it does nothing. You already see the world around you in brilliant colors and clarity. The glasses claim to make everything look like an HD TV.


The BioDisc is a simple glass disk that will set you back $560 to own. The device is said to extend the shelf-life of meat and vegetables, improve their taste, maximize your body energy, enhance the human immune system, calm you, and more.

Water Activation Filter

The website selling the Water Activation Filter claims their system improves upon the body’s hydration systems by increasing them exponentially. Apparently, the water needs to be lined up properly to fully benefit our bodies, which is what their product claims to do.

Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Receptacle Outlet

The Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Receptacle Outlet is a type of electrical outlet that would improve the quality of sound on any device connected to it. The 24k gold plating and “heat-treated hardened contacts” are what makes the magic work.

Magnet Slimming Patch

The Magnet Slimming Patch sits comfortable on the user’s bellybutton and is said to produce magnetic waves that pass inside of the skin. The product claims to reduce obesity, puffiness, or irregularly shaped people.