10 Of The Most Gruesome Deaths In Movies

One of the things that you can count on in any Hollywood movie is that at some point a person will undoubtedly meet a grisly end. Even in the case of Disney animated films, plenty of characters still die in various circumstances. Death is simply part of the industry – a way to up the stakes and induce dramatic tension. Unfortunately for the characters concerned, not every death is a quick and painless one. There have been countless morbid and gory deaths in hundreds of movies and these are possible the most gruesome ever seen on screen.

A History of Violence

Like many of David Cronerberg’s films, A History of Violence contains plenty of scenes of exceptional barbarity. Though it is definitely less gruesome than some of his other movies, it still features one robbery scene where a man is shot in the back of his head, with the bullet tearing through his skull and ripping his face off. The man is then left to die on the floor with his flesh spewing from the wound.


The movie Rambo is filled from start to finish with staggering amounts of violence, with characters constantly meeting shocking deaths. The most ghastly part of the movie doesn’t involve one particular death but a whole host of killings when Rambo uses a machine gun to take down scores of men at the same time, cutting through the enemies and shredding their flesh.