10 Of The Most Bizarre Superstitions

Every country and every religion in the world has some set of superstitions. Almost everyone in the world has at least one superstition — whether you’re scared of black cats, don’t like walking under a ladder or are afraid of breaking a mirror, you’ve probably got a superstition that’s common with a lot of people. Well, in this list we’ve got quite a few bizarre superstitions — whether it’s catching a leaf to hopefully not catch a cold, or seeing a white butterfly to have good luck, here are some of the strangest superstitions we’ve ever heard of!

White Butterflies

Do you want good luck for a whole year? Apparently if the first butterfly you see is a white butterfly, you’ll have good luck for the whole year.

Broken Mirror

We all know that if you smash a mirror then that’s 7 years bad luck, but what we didn’t know is that if a mirror falls in your house and it breaks itself, it means someone in the house is going to die soon.