10 Of The Largest Pets In The World

Having a pet can be a deeply enriching experience that is good for your body and mind. There are many things that we can learn from animals, and domesticating them is a great way to understand their psyche. When you get a pet that is still very young, you hope that it grows up to be big and healthy, but what if the pet never stops growing? Here is a list of 10 pets from around the world who displayed this very problem and ended up becoming some of the largest pets ever.


Bandit the racoon is not your ordinary pest. He is more like a superhuman pest who got adopted by a lady in Pennsylvania and is now a pet. He is clearly very well fed as he has gotten the Guinness World Record for fattest racoon, weighing well over 75 pounds.


You expect most rodents to be furry little creatures who scurry around your home. Gary is a capybara that will shock the pants off you with his size and weight. He belongs to a couple in Arkansas and weighs a staggering 112 pounds. Now that rodent can eat your dog if he wanted to.