10 Highly Dangerous Herbivores You Should Avoid

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While most people who stop and think of a dangerous animal will usually pop a carnivore in their minds, such as a tiger, lion, or a great white shark, there are some truly terrifying herbivores out there that will absolutely devastate a human being. We don’t generally consider non-carnivorous animals to be dangerous killers, but that has changed as evolution takes place. Here are ten of the most highly dangerous herbivores you should absolutely avoid if met in the wild.

Gelada Baboon

The Gelada Baboon is an impressive monkey, as they have giant manes and weird flat faces. While they are generally calm and peaceful, these herbivores have been known to attack humans in the wild, savagely and violently.

American Bison

The American Bison can weigh up to one ton, and is one of the biggest herbivores in North America. They have been hunted to near extinction, sadly, but some are in legal protection. Tourists have been attacked, as the adults will do anything to protect their calves.


The Gorilla is a close relative to human beings, but they are rather deadly. They are said to have the strength of 10 adult men. While usually they can be peaceful, adult males will attack anything and anyone that threatens their family.


The Cassowary is a weird bird, and also quite dangerous. If harassed or feeling threatened, the bird will lunge in the air and attack with their inner toe claws, which are shaped like a large dagger. They can disembowel a grown man.


There are currently five species of Rhinoceros throughout Africa and Asia, and they are all short-tempered, deadly, and tough. Their horns are made of kertain, the same substance found in hair and fingernails, and are dangerous enough to gore a man to death.

Wild Boar

Wild Boars are not fully vegetarian, and have been known to consume small animals, including lizards and frogs. Males can easily weigh over 100 kilograms, and most have sharp tusks that can rip open your belly when rammed.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo appears quite similar to a giant cow, and are rather feared in Africa. These odd-looking creatures are short-tempered and powerful predators. One buffalo can take on a group of lions if facing off against them.


Elephants are generally seen as peaceful, friendly animals, but they are some of the most dangerous in the world. They have been known to kill more zookeepers than any of the other animals in a zoo, mostly due to their size and power.

White Lipped Peccary

The White Lipped Peccary is generally found in the rainforests in Mexico, Central and South America. They have sharp front teeth that can rip apart an animal at short distances. Even worse, they usually travel in large herds of up to 1,000.


The Hippopotamus is considered one of the most dangerous herbivores in all of Africa. These giants kill more people than lions or crocodiles every single year. They are quite territorial, especially the males.