10 Of The Hottest Female Comedians Working In The UK

Cariad Lloyd

Welsh comedian Cariad Lloyd has been active since 2007 and has established herself as a prominent figure on the stand-up scene thanks to her well received live shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Recent appearances on Have I Got News for You and QI as well as a regular role on Murder in Successville means that she is likely to become even more famous in the coming years.

Aisling Bea

Although she is originally from Ireland, Aisling Bea works mostly in the United Kingdom. The 31-year-old first sprang to fame in 2012 after winning the So You Think You’re Funny award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, even though she had appeared on television shows as far back as 2010. As well as her live performances, she has built up a career of appearing regularly on panel shows.