12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had A Twin Sibling

In the minds of twin siblings, there can often be a sense of rivalry or even jealousy when growing up. If you have a twin, chances are you’ve felt that pang of envy or paranoia as you wonder which is the better twin, which is the favourite. Now imagine if your twin was a movie star or a famous musician. How would it feel to have a sibling you shared a womb with become an international superstar?

We bet that’s what some of these people have wondered at some point. Here we present twelve celebrities you probably didn’t know had a not-so-famous twin. You may have heard of these people from their own merits, but you may not have been aware they had a celebrity duplicate.

Aaron And Shawn Ashmore

Okay, we’re cheating slightly as Aaron and Shawn are already quite famous separately. But not many people may be aware they are identical twins.