10 Of The Funniest Signs Ever Put Up

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From time to time, we all have to get somewhat creative in order to get a little attention. Stores and signs are no different and in order to get some attention they often try to be funny. While some people went a bit over the top and ended up getting all the wrong kind of attention, our list looks at some signs that definitely got some good attention and even managed to crack us up along the way. Some of these signs are intentionally funny and some were likely funnier than the people who put them up intended. Whatever the final verdict, you’re going to want to check out our list of 10 of the funniest signs ever put up and let us know what you though in the comments section.

Some Park Rangers Have A Better Sense of Humor Than Others

You’ve got to love that some parks actually shelled out money to put the dog message on the sign. We imagine people going for a hike get a chuckle every time.

Drink Up

While we like the sentiment behind this sign, we should point out that encouraging people to chug isn’t exactly the healthiest approach.

Have Fun Trying To Collect

We’re honestly trying to figure out whether the people who put this sign up would fine if the person touches the wires and dies. This sounds like insult to injury for the family and friends.

Aren’t They Always?

This is a very helpful warning. We just wonder if the sign means physically slippery, or if they’re talking about them being untrustworthy.

What Exactly Is This Sign Warning Us About?

Is the sign warning us specifically that the jumping walrus is happy, or prefers the company of the same sex? No matter the use for the word, it seems like an odd thing to include in the warning.

That Seems Like a Good Deal For Washing And Vacuuming

This is a sign that was not intentionally hilarious, but the wording and lack of grammar definitely makes it.

They’re Taking All the Wonder Out of Life

It’s not hard to see why this sign was necessary. We just wonder how many times the company was asked about their “dinosaur” before they made this sign.

Mother Knows Best

Businesses are always looking to find ways to get people to spend money at their locations. Playing the “mom card” is a bit of a low blow, but it’s plenty effective.

The Low Blow

This is a pretty awesome way to announce you’re closed Sundays. We’d imagine this sign is actually located somewhere else than Cleveland, or the restaurant’s revenues could be in danger.

We Could Have Told You That

While this sign seems to be nothing more than a way to get attention, it’s certainly a sign that got our attention. The best thing about it is its something the average person might not think of unless they’re getting hit in the face with it.