10 Of The Craziest Eating Competitions Around The World

Eating competitions have somehow made a controversial leap forward in society and are rather popular in some circles. The ability to stuff as much food as possible down your gullet and survive to enter first place is looked at with both disgust and sheer impressiveness. Some contests have gone on for decades, such as various hot dog eating competitions, while others are relatively new to the world, such as donkey penis eating contests or ice cream, which is a bit more tame. In any case, here are ten of the craziest eating competitions from around the world.

Oyster Eating World Championship

Hosted every single June in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Oyster Eating World Championship is a speed-racing competition where participants vie for a cash prize – 1,000 dollars to the winner. In 2011, the winner ate 468 oysters in 8 minutes.

World Garlic Eating Competition

Garlic is disgusting when not combined with other ingredients in a sauce or something else, so eating simple cloves should make your stomach nauseous. The World Garlic Eating Competition is held in Chideock, Dorset County, Southwestern England every single year. In 2014, David Greenman won by eating 33 raw cloves in 60 seconds.