10 Obvious Signs That Are Not Helpful

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The world can be a layered and complex place, and it takes the best of our conscious minds to navigate our way through it. We tend to put up various types of signs all over the place to help people avoid making mistakes, and ensure that they stay safe no matter what the situation. The signs are usually represented pictorially to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Some signs however, are really not as helpful as they think they are. Here is a list of 10 signs that are totally obvious and absolutely useless.

Do Not Iron While Wearing Shirt

This sign was made for all those people who sometimes forget that an iron uses heat to iron out the wrinkles.

Balcony Is A Balcony

In case standing on a balcony and noticing a view didn’t set your alarm bells off, this sign was put there to save the day.

Stop, Duh!

If the massive wall in front of you didn’t make you stop your car, what good is this useless sign?

Checking Baby’s Diapers

It is a good idea to just look at the poo to ensure that it is poo, instead of touching it with your entire hand.

Closed Doors

How is one supposed to enter a door that cannot be opened? With a portal, of course!

Fuel Your Car, Not Yourself

We need food to create energy, cars need fuel. You can’t give your car doughnuts and drink petrol yourself! Everyone knows that!

Right Way To Use The Toilet

If you are an adult who still doesn’t know how to use the toilet properly, no sign in the world can help you out.

Do Not Sit On Fence

For all those people who didn’t know that sharp objects can be painful, this sign is dedicated just for you.

Bridge Is Out

This sign is obviously a troll, but is it really any worse than all the other signs on this list?

Feeding Time

Parenting can be a hard and thankless job, but you need to refrain yourself from feeding your child to crocodiles.